Street Life Photographers

Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner is the founding member of the Street Life Collective. He lives in Oxford, UK and earns his living as a freelance web developer but spends most of his spare time, camera in hand, walking the streets and alleyways of wherever he happens to be that day.

Andrew is also the publisher of the online photojournalism magazine

Web Site:
Gear: Fuji EX2s with 35mm 1.4, Sony a6000 with a Zeiss 16-70 lens f4 / Zeiss 24mm f1.8 (some shots taken with earlier cameras – Fuji X100s, Sony RX100ii, Leica X Vario, Panasonic LX100)

David Stumpp

David Stumpp grew up a musician in a family of musicians and artists, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, and is self-taught in photography. Having lived much of his life in California, he relocated to Oxford in 2009 to be with his wife and now works as antiquarian cataloguer at Christ Church Library. He always has a camera at hand and is prepared to photograph anything, as necessary, but he particularly loves to photograph people in their natural habitat.

See his ongoing photo series, The Lunchtime Portraits

Web Site:
Gear: 120 and 35mm film cameras

Lorenzo Zaccagnini

Born and raised in Pistoia, Tuscany, in 1988. My family has been always very creative, as my father is a self-taught musician, my mum used to sell hand-made dried flowers pictures, and my grandfather won several awards for nativity scenes.

As a teenager, I was very much into theatre (I used to act), cinema (I used to blog) and entertainment (I used to work in holiday resorts). Then I started university in Florence, got a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Literatures and Intercultural Studies and became passionate about writing and doing photography.

I studied photography with a 1 year course by Gruppo Fotografico Fornaci, amateur photographers with three decades of experience in the field. Then I joined the group itself, with which I did some local exhibitions and also won a local Christmas contest.

I shoot with a Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-50 2.8 macro lens.

Paddy Summerfield

Paddy Summerfield is a fine art photographer, and has lived and worked in Oxford, UK, all his life. He works with a 35mm camera, black and white film, producing photographic essays and documenting street life.

His recently published a book ‘Mother & Father 1977 -2007‘ has received much acclaim and has been included in the Observers 2014 best photography books of the year.

Web Site:
Gear: 35mm film cameras

Pablo Unzueta

Born on July 22, 1994 ( in Van Nuys, California) Pablo Unzueta comes from a family background of photographers based in Santiago, Chile. Unzueta has a passion for human connection and storytelling. He began documentary photography at the age of 17. Since then, he has been documenting poverty, protests, wild fires, and landscape– along with portraiture. Pablo Unzueta is aesthetically involved with mainly black and white filters. Throughout his teenage years, the 20 year-old-photographer has appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the Fullerton Observer News. Moreover, he has won several JACC (Journalism Association of Community Colleges) awards for Mt. San Antonio Community College. In the competition he received third place in the state for the bring-in photo, along with first place in the bring-in audio slideshow on body shaming. After he is finished with his courses, Unzueta is aspiring to become a published freelance photographer, covering social conflicts around the globe.

Web Site:
Gear: 35mm film cameras